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The scars burn

Each of them can only make you sad once - when they leave for the last time. Be with him and tell him that you will not be angry, because even at this moment his eyes are begging for forgiveness. He knows very well that he shouldn't have done it - and the scars burn...

Do you want to be a paramedic?

There is definitely no qualifying selection of breeds that can be preferentially used in rescue training, nor are there any limiting criteria for those interested in this type of training activity. Anyone who appeals to rescue training in some way should definitely try it out. And where else, than in a collective of people, permanently passionate about this training area.

1999 TURECKO (2).jpg

​“With a choked throat, I send Dan to check the area beyond the top of the pile in my section. I have a suspicion, but I'm afraid to say it out loud. I can't specify this place for him more precisely anyway, I could influence his future opinion beforehand. Kiss carefully inspects the rubble, walking around the top of the pile, and suddenly her clear bark comes from behind the slanted panel. That's exactly where my Duxy burst into tears a few minutes ago. Dan takes her away and I don't wait for anything. I go around the entire collapsed building with Duxy to get to the place with the protruding panel once more, to the third, from the opposite side. My heart is in my throat as Duxy audibly sucks under the panel, takes a few more steps, and launches into a frenzied staccato of excited barking again with absolutely no hesitation. It's the third time in the same place, there's no doubt about it. Duxy's first tag from the front of the giant pile caught me a little by surprise with its speed and force. After a whole series of rather tepid markings of found dead persons, it looked almost unbelievable, it was actually the first barking marking in Turkey. But now everything is clear, even Dan's summoned Kiss clearly confirmed the finding, there is a living person underground."

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