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*8.8.2013  †18.6.2023

Persi from Milberk  formed a reliable and well-coordinated team with her handler Petr Jaroš. Despite the challenging handicap of the handler's profession, which demanded too much of his time, they achieved excellent training results together. Thanks to Persi's excellent nature, derived from the inherent qualities of the German Shepherd breed, Rico absorbed all the requirements of search and rescue training to such an extent that he could be included in the K9R intervention team. He contributed significantly to responsible and reliable work during his time there.

*14.6.2012  †7.2.2023

Buba Babú Storytelling  lived almost 11 happy years in a black and white pack of Border Collies with her owner Ilona Konrádová. Possessing an exceptionally balanced temperament for her breed, her performances steadily improved after initial beginner years. In the last year of her life, she became the most reliable K9R female. Although her list of completed tests does not reach an exceptionally high number, her performances in rubble work were very convincing, and she worked reliably in cadaver searches.

*00.8.2011  †11.6.2021

Barca Cross Krumbox Czech  was the blue sister of the significantly more successful Bixi. Being the last in the series of dogs for handler Jarda Flíček, she demonstrated excellent scent abilities, primarily utilized in rubble work. Her independence and willingness to work were exemplary, confirmed by numerous search and rescue tests.

*1.2.2007 – †22.8.2020

Brouček od Hrnčířského kruhu  As a unique representative of the Sheltie breed in performance competitions, Brouček achieved remarkable success in search and rescue tests, winning the Youth Championship of the Czech Republic and becoming a reliable partner for his handler Lucie Přívozníková.

*8.10.2004  †9.9.2018

Croco Dundee Cidabro  was initially an unfamiliar choice for trainer Jarda Sedlák. The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) was a rarely used breed in search and rescue operations, not only in the Czech Republic but worldwide. However, his performances quickly demonstrated the fantastic potential of the Australian herding dog. With numerous search and rescue test successes and victories in competitions, he became a double champion of the Czech Republic, setting performance records.

*12.11.2007  †10.10.2018

Eungela z Kraje Lichnice  was the red companion to the blue Cross in Jarda Sedlák's pack. As the second representative of the Australian Cattle Dog in Czech search and rescue, she showcased excellent traits for her breed. Her sharp guarding instincts helped her pass all the highest search and rescue tests easily, and her offspring, including Bixi and Babú, inherited her excellent working abilities.

*2.3.2003 – †29.4.2018

Assy bpp  The friendly tricolor from the České Budějovice shelter brought not only initial handler experience to her handler Kristýna Sedláková but also a series of completed tests, including the highest levels. Participating in the Czech Republic Championship and earning the title of junior champion, Assy bpp provided unforgettable experiences and impressions.


*24.3.2010 – †2.9.2017

Gaia Mesiah Bee-Master  was a typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier in her behavior, characterized by unwavering determination to accomplish tasks in training. Guided by her handler Hedvika Češková, she not only excelled in competitions, including the national championship, but also became a reliable member of the emergency unit for practical interventions. A small warrior with a huge heart.

*1.7.2002  †23.1.2015

Aggy bpp  After thirteen years of life, this Tervuren remains in the beautiful memories of her handler Verunka Nehodová and many others. While lacking outstanding pedigree or inherent exceptional temperament, Aggy, through her excellent relationship with her handler, achieved top-level performances, especially in water trials of both test orders.


*22.5.2002  †16.10.2014

Barney bpp  The powerful Labrador Barney, handled by Lucie Obranská, stood out not only as an excellent swimmer in water training but also as a superb avalanche dog, winning the Czech Avalanche Cup. His fifteen successful tests included not only ZLP3 but also ZVP3 and three international tests of water work RHW A, B, C.

*19.7.2000  †6.7.2014

Erik Leryka  was a typical hardworking German Shepherd, devoted to his handler Vlasta Maxová. Bringing a considerable amount of memorable moments to the Mountain Rescue Service and successfully completing tests in avalanches, rubble, and water work, Erik achieved the title of the Czech Republic Champion in Search and Rescue Dogs.

*8.12.1998  †23.11.2012

Ch. Crusader Tipit z Hanky  As a representative of the American Staffordshire Terrier, he became a legend among search and rescue dogs in the Czech Republic. With over thirty performance tests, multiple awards, and participation in national and world championships, he was a testament to the loyalty and connection between him and his beloved leader, Hedvika Češková.


*28.9.1994  †3.10.2005

Ch. Kiss Krumbox  handled by Daniel Sedlák, joined the most successful search and rescue dogs in the Czech Republic. Participating in various domestic and international events, including earthquake missions in Turkey, Taiwan, and India, Kiss Krumbox not only found many deceased individuals but also saved two young lives. She became the first Champion of the Czech Republic in the performance of search and rescue dogs.

*10.9.1993  †18.11.2004

Duxy Sametový čumáček  with handler Jaroslav Sedlák was one of the most reliable search and rescue dogs in the Czech Republic. Working tirelessly in numerous domestic missions and foreign earthquakes, Duxy contributed to the identification of many deceased individuals and the rescue of two people. His flawless performance in rubble, terrain, and water settings left an indelible mark.

*15.3.1997  †11.11.2004

Lex Krumbox  with handler Daniel Sedlák was an ideal dog characterized by an unwavering temperament. Although he did not win top competitions during his short life, Lex was among the most reliable participants, consistently achieving high rankings. He represented the Czech Republic at the World Championship in Denmark in 2003, leaving a significant impact among the top search and rescue dogs.

*29.5.1991  †17.10.2000

Al Capone Jary's  became the pioneer of search and rescue work among American Staffordshire Terriers. With handler Hedvika Češková, he successfully completed all available search and rescue tests, participated in championships, and contributed to numerous practical missions. Despite an injury preventing him from participating in the Turkey mission in 1999, he left a lasting legacy.

*27.9.1987  †25.10.1998

Brix z Jemčiny  with handler Jaroslav Flíček was a pillar of early search and rescue efforts in the Czech Republic. Participating in various competitions, he excelled in tracking, earning him the title of the most successful tracker twice. Brix completed all available search and rescue tests, making him an essential contributor to the development of search and rescue dog training.


*27.12.1987  †7.9.1998

Ája Tajki  with handler Jitka Sedláková was one of the key figures in the development of working line Boxers in South Bohemia. Excelling in both water and land settings, Ája Tajki was reliable during numerous practical missions. Her exceptional sense of smell helped identify drowned individuals under challenging weather conditions. As an excellent mother, she passed on her outstanding working traits to her offspring.

*27.8.1986  †25.3.1998

Assko z Hlubockého zámostí  with handler Jaroslav Sedlák was one of the most capable dogs in the early days of the South Bohemian search and rescue brigade. Known for his ideal training temperament, Assko was quick, reliable, and highly focused, especially in rubble and water settings. He participated in championships and became the first champion in water work.


*3.8.1977  †11.6.1988

Extra Chance-Jar  became a true South Bohemian founder of working line Boxers. She excelled as the most successful participant in search and rescue championships, including the only federal championship, where she was part of the winning team and the most successful tracker. Extra Chance-Jar passed on her fantastic sense of smell and abilities to her descendants.

*30.8.1968  †1.9.1979

Luis z Jihočeských nížin  became a South Bohemian legend. As one of the first successful dogs in the historical first search and rescue tests in the Czech Republic on September 21, 1972, Luis achieved the highest level of tests in various disciplines, including avalanche and search and rescue. With handler Jaroslav Sedlák, Luis won many competitions and became the first Cesky Krumlov dog used in practice.

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